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Gentleman Jim displays his blue
Charles Pisch with his catch of the day
Ty and Bill Saxton display their 30lb and 45 lb drum fish
77 lb. drum fish was caught by Guy Lefort of St. Chrysostome, Quebec, Canada
Andrew displays 77 lb. drum
  Michael Granger of Pottstown with his 3 lb. flounder.jpg  
Ethan McCann of Del Haven with his 1.5 lb. blue
Paul Fierelli of Morton, PA (left) with his 60 lb. drumfish, and Mary Sweeney of Folsom, PA with her twin 60 lb. drum
Drum Fish Lineup
Jim and Doug display the twins
Mark Sunderland of West Babylon, NY hold his pool winning 65 lb. drumfish

Michael Granger of Pottstown with his 3 lb. flounder Download
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