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Summer of 2008 Photos
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Westley with his seabass
Fluidics Charter
The Steamfitters Charter
The Steamfitters Charter 1
The Steamfitters Charter 2
The Steamfitters Charter 3
The Steamfitters Charter 4
The Steamfitters Charter 5
Jim McGraw proudly displaying his 4 pound flounder
Ron Bradshaw and his fishing companion, a 4lb flattie
Kim Webb of Philadelphia, PA proudly displaying her twin 3 pound seabass
Bud Duffy of Phila, PA displaying his 2 pound seabass
Ron Bradshaw from Plainsboro, NJ displaying his 1 pound bluefish
Beautiful tog
Steve Tiberi from Bristol with his 2 lb seabass
Jim McCann of Del Haven, NJ with his 3 lb flounder
Flatties on the Flush
Jim Schwarz of Cherry Hill, NJ proudly displays his 2 pound flattie
Lawrence Washington and his son Chris of Phila, PA display 2.5 and 3 lb flounders
Lawrence Washington from Phila, PA with his 3 lb. flounder
Mike Nanni and his son Mike Nanni from Willow Grove, PA displaying twin 2.5 lb flounders
Marian McCann from Del Haven with her 3.5 pound flounder
Uncle Reds with his 3.5 pounder
Mary Dugan of Phila with her giant 24.5 in 5.5 lb. flattie. With her are Jimmy and Anthony

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