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Kim Webb of Philadelphia, PA proudly displaying her twin 3 pound seabass
Bud Duffy of Phila, PA displaying his 2 pound seabass
Ron Bradshaw from Plainsboro, NJ displaying his 1 pound bluefish
Beautiful tog
Steve Tiberi from Bristol with his 2 lb seabass
  Jim McCann of Del Haven, NJ with his 3 lb flounder.jpg  
Flatties on the Flush
Jim Schwarz of Cherry Hill, NJ proudly displays his 2 pound flattie
Lawrence Washington and his son Chris of Phila, PA display 2.5 and 3 lb flounders
Lawrence Washington from Phila, PA with his 3 lb. flounder
Mike Nanni and his son Mike Nanni from Willow Grove, PA displaying twin 2.5 lb flounders

Jim McCann of Del Haven, NJ with his 3 lb flounder Download
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