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Jim Schwarz of Cherry Hill, NJ proudly displays his 2 pound flattie
Lawrence Washington and his son Chris of Phila, PA display 2.5 and 3 lb flounders
Lawrence Washington from Phila, PA with his 3 lb. flounder
Mike Nanni and his son Mike Nanni from Willow Grove, PA displaying twin 2.5 lb flounders
Marian McCann from Del Haven with her 3.5 pound flounder
  Uncle Reds with his 3.5 pounder.jpg  
Mary Dugan of Phila with her giant 24.5 in 5.5 lb. flattie. With her are Jimmy and Anthony
2lb flattie on the Flush
Rosie Ruddy of Virginia with her 3 lb. flounder
Jason Ragazzo and Samantha Johnson of Fredericksburg, PA with their twin 2.5 pounders
Jason Ragazzo of Toughkenamon, PA with 2.5 lb flounder

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