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Summer of 2010 Photos
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Christian Stumpp of Sebastian, FL with his 2.5 lb flounder
Ron Bradshaw of Plainsboro, NJ with his 3 lb seabass
Tyler Provard from Waynesboro, PA with his 1.5 lb seabass
Brett Moyer of Bethlehem, PA with his 1.5 lb seabass
Mike Gleba from Bensalem, PA with his 3 lb triggerfish
The Evans boys from Phila, PA with their joint effort seabass
The Connors family after a good afternoon fishing, the man in the striped shirt is especially pretty
Phil Marcantonio proudly displays his 3 lb flounder
Cubby, CC and Bear wait for their sister to get back from fishing
Phil Marcantonio, Nicole Pezzeca and Joe Tees from Phila, PA with some of their catch
Jim O'Neill from EHT, NJ with his 2lb flounder
Zach Kimsey of Rio Grande gets ready for a day of fishing
Bud Duffy from Phila, PA proudly showing his 3.5 lb flounder
Rodney Rathke of Warrington, PA with his 1.5 lb flounder
Ryan Kusmira of Pittsburgh, PA with his 3 lb flounder
John Spencer from Masontown, WVA with 2 lb flounder
The 3 Amigos of Fairmount, Phila, PA
The Greenheads sure are bad this year!
Andrew Hedgepeth of Phila, PA with his 2 lb flounder
Mark Frisenda of Cold Spring, NY with his 1.5 lb flounder
Brian Lafferty of Colorado Springs, CO with this magnificent 45lb drumfish
Jim Toy of Phila, PA with his 4 lb flounder
Paul Hueck of Little Falls, NJ with his little kingie
Danny McKenna of South Philly with his 3.5 lb twins

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