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Summer of 2010 Photos
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A group of flatties on the Flush!
Dallas Searcy of Chester, PA with his 4 lb flounder!
A 3 lb tie for the pool! Todd Witwer of Fleetwood, Pa and Gary Daigle of Saranak, NY
Another beauty!
Another good day!
Gene Casey of Rockaway, NJ with 3.25 lb flounder
Fred Cuthbert of Reinholds, PA displaying his 6.5 lb flounder. This giant measured 25.5 inches long!
Rob Kinniry off Phila, PA with his 3.25 lb flounder
Morgan Frederick of Pottstown, PA with her 2 lb flounder
John Baim of Schenectady, NY with his 6.5 lb flounder
Krista Vonberg of Sarasota, FL with her 7 lb flounder
Frank Dykas of the Poconos, PA with his 3.25 lb flounder!
Jim Capraro of South Brunswick, NJ with his 2lb flounder
Michael Ondrosek of Lancaster, PA with his 3 lb flounder
Art Thomas group from Lancaster, PA
Chris McNamara from Sellersville, PA with his 2.25 lb flounder
Jim Voce times 3 from Chicago IL with their 2 lb flounder
Stephanie Dabrow from Downingtown, PA with her 1 lb seabass
Seabass on the Royal Flush!
John Rosello of Middlesex, NJ with his 3 lb flounder!
Audrey Nicaretta of North Arlington, NJ with her 2.5 lb flounder!
Joe Battisti of NY, NY with his 2lb flounder
Nick Hymer of Milton, West Virginia with his 3.5 lb flounder
Ed Ludwig from Paramus, NJ proudly displaying his 3 lb flounder

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