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The 3 Amigos of Fairmount, Phila, PA
The Greenheads sure are bad this year!
Andrew Hedgepeth of Phila, PA with his 2 lb flounder
Mark Frisenda of Cold Spring, NY with his 1.5 lb flounder
Brian Lafferty of Colorado Springs, CO with this magnificent 45lb drumfish
  Jim Toy of Phila, PA with his 4 lb flounder.jpg  
Paul Hueck of Little Falls, NJ with his little kingie
Danny McKenna of South Philly with his 3.5 lb twins
John Bear from New Ville, PA with 1.5 lb seabass
Giovanni Gervasi of Phila, PA displaying his 4.5 lb flounder
The McKenna catch!

Jim Toy of Phila, PA with his 4 lb flounder Download
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