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Summer of 2011 Photos
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John Meyers of Wildwood Crest, NJ with his 3 lb flounder
Patrick Adams from Newmanstown, PA with his 2 lb seabass
Gene Laumer of Phila, PA with his 2 lb flounder
Seabass and flounder on the Flush!
Marty Budnicki of Wilmington, NC with his 2 lb flounder!
Some kingies!
Marcelo Ramos of Rio Grande with his 4 lb seabass! Congrats!!!
Paul Bogin from Sloatsburg, NY with his 2 lb flounder!
Ron Dressic of Villas with his 3 lb triggerfish!
Woody and Kevin Walker from Dennis Twp. Kevin won the pool with his giant seabass!
Frank Fisher of Runnemede, NJ with his 2 lb seabass
Joe Lutek of Cherry Hill, NJ with his 3.5 lb flounder!
Meet Matthew Modelson of Carmel, NY with his 4 lb flounder!
Bruce Hilty of Pittsburgh, PA with his 2.5 lb flounder!
Colin Meehan,4, of Runnemede, NJ wins the pool with a 3 lb flounder!
Jeff Osborne of Phila, PA with his twins, uh, OK, so they are fraternal
The world is FLAT on the Royal Flush!
Colin McGibney, 7, from Havertown, PA with his huge flatties. The pool winning fish weighed in at 4.5lbs
Another flattie on the Flush!
Matthew Sheridan of meadowbrook, PA with his 3.5 lb triggerfish!
Sean Weatherby from Mantua, NJ with his 2 lb flounder!

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