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Summer of 2011 Photos
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Ron Bradshaw from Plainsboro, NJ with his 4 lb flounder!
Zach Inman from Pennsville, NJ with his 2 lb flounder!
Ashley hammer of Philadelphia, PA with her giant 6 lb flounder!
Bill Kimsey from Rio Grande with his 3 lb flounder
Nick Kober from Perth Amboy, NJ with his 3.5 lb flounder
Tyler Morin from Bellington, MA with 4.5 lb flounder
Jeff Osborne from Phila, PA with his 3.5 lb flounder!
A great catch of Drum Fish!
Another beauty on the Royal Flush!
Bette Dructor and Joey from Phila, PA with their triggerfish!
Jake McCloskey of West Chester, PA with his 2 lb flounder.
Vern Parks of Alexandria, VA with his 3 lb flounder!
Katie Bradley of Phila, PA with her GIANT 8.5 lb flounder! Congrats Katie for reeling in the enormous DOORMAT! Look at the mouth on this one - Look out!
Raymond Faucher of Montreal, Canada 2 lb flounder
Rob Carrranzo of East haven, CT with his 4 lb flounder!
Greg Decembrino from Rockledge, PA with his 2.5 lb flounder!
Jamie Martin of Glen Mills, PA with her 2.5 lb flounder!
Tom Haffey of Denver, CO with his 3 lb trigger fish!
Ed Duffy from Phila, PA with his 48 pound drumfish!
Daniel DePaolo of long Valley, NJ with his 2 lb flounder!
Giant drum fish were the catch of the day with John Rodelli of Staten Island, NY winning the pool with his 60 lb fish! Way
Jim Johnson of North Wildwood, NJ and Kelsey O'Donnelll of Madison, NJ tied with these twin flounders!
Meet Eric Krzanowski of Sparta, NJ with his 3 lb trigger fish!
Gee Gee Rizzo of Franklinville, NJ with her 3 lb flounder!

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