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Summer of 2013 Photos
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Colin Mundy of Phila, PA with his BIG bass!
Kelsey Gogne from Pottsville, PA with her weakie!
Fred Saylor from reading, PA with his weakie!
Shea Scally from Phila, PA with his 1.5 lb weakie!
Chris Smith from Wilmington, DE with his weakie!
Bruce Donnely of Boothwyn, PA with his kingie!
Joe Alimenti from levittown, PA with his sea bass!
Meet Jim Gardner from Hawthorne, NJ with his sea bass!
Bud Duffy from Phila, PA with his kingie!
Fred Saylor from Reading, PA with his weakfish!
Melanie Lewis from Wilmington, DE with her 2.5 lb flattie
This is Tony Ruffalo from Audubon, NJ with his 2 lb flattie!
Ray, Greg and Skippy show off some sea bass!
Tom Lentz of Baltimore, MD and his kingie. His son-in-law Rob Walsh, also of Baltimore claims Beginners Luck!
Our friends, the National Guard recruiters with their croakers!
Nate Petonak of Harrisburg, PA with his weakie
Ray Foremski of Rio Grande, NJ with his 2.5 lb flounder
Phil McCoy from Sugarloaf, PA with his kingie!
Mark McKnight of phila, PA with his kingie!
Another weakie!
TJ Ayrer of Newtown, PA with his 2 lb kingie!
Ben Blew from Franklin Township, NJ with his nice 25 lb drum fish!
Paul Dressic of Villas, NJ with his kingie!

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