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Summer of 2014
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Fran O'Neill from Levittown, PA with his big 3.5 lb flattie caught on a night trip!
Mike Rexon from Pine Hill, NJ with his kingie!
The Tiberis from Phila, PA with their kingies!
Zach Winkler from Barto, PA with his kingie!
Richard Brewster from Succasunna, NJ 1.6lb king
Jessica Walsh from Cincinnati, Ohio with her kingie!
The Dorris Family from Mantua, NJ with their catch of the day!
Ryan McCarthy of Long Island, NY with his weakie!
John 'Popeye' Carney from Queens, NY with his big 3.5 lb flattie.
Austin and Troy Landis from Trexlertown, PA with their kingies!
Adam Heyduk of havertown, PA with his kingie
Anna Lucas from Pittsburgh, PA with her kingie!
Joe Giampietro of South Philly with his kingie!
This is Jimmy, Nick, Kat and Scott Fleming from Levittown, PA with their catch of the day!
Mike Betz of Spring City, PA with his kingie!
AJ Corvagia and Steve Carlberg with their kingie!
Brian Reilly of Mulica Hill, NJ with a weakie!
Mark Husey from Newark, DE proudly displays his 4 lb flattie caught on a night trip! He is shown here with his nephew Dominic.
Tim Hoban from Phila, PA with his 3lb flattie!
John Miller of Pine Hill, NJ weakie
Trevor Elm of Woolwich, NJ and Grampy Bill Hough with their kingie!
lounder and Triggers and Blues - Oh My!
Bruce Collins from Shawcrest, NJ with his GIANT doormat! This beauty weighed in at 5+ lbs.
John Stotz of Kenilworth, NJ with his kingie!

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