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Bruce Reynolds from Ogdensburg, NY with his weakfish
Bruno Nunez of Phila, PA with his weakie
Bud Duffy from Philadelphia, PA with his sea bass
Bud Duffy with his 2.5 lb flattie
Buddy Stallings, Robert Tupper, Tucker Monico and Harry Gonnzalez all get Trigger happy
  Carly Maloney of South Phila, PA with her kingie.jpeg  
Chris Nichlols from Finksburg, MD
David Cavanaugh from Browns Mills, NJ with his sea bass
Dennis Micciche from Phila, PA with his porgy
Donald Murphy from Yonkers, NY with his 2 lb flattie
Dylan Barca from Vernon, NJ with his kingie

Carly Maloney of South Phila, PA with her kingie Download
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