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Zack Horowitz of Cinnaminson, NJ with his seabass
Angie Dickerson-Schnatz from Glenn Mills, PA with her flounder
Bette Dructor from Philadelphia, PA with another Flattie!
Joe Lancellotti from Bensalem, PA with his seabass
Jeff Lee and his son from West Deptford, NJ with their flattie
Jeff Garwood from Southampton, PA with his flattie
Bud Duffy from Phila, PA and his flattie
Brett Newman of Reading, PA with his Fabulous Flattie
Jennifer Matthews from Phila, Pa with her flatties
Nick Staten from Putnam Valley, NY with his flattie
Jennifer Matthews from Phila, PA with her BIG flatties
Laurie Roskop from Lodi, NJ with a Trigger
Amelia Pollti of East Hanover, NJ with her Trigger
A fond farewell to the flatties 2017
Patrick Mckelvey of Williamstown, NJ with one of the last flounders of the season
Tom Bradigan from Leon, NY getting trigger happy
Bette Dructor from Phila, PA with her trigger
Pat McGrath with his blue
Victor Popovkim of Phila, PA with his weakie

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