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The Royal Flushies
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Hard working mates
The Gorton's Fisherman
Sir Oscar Meyer
Brian and AJ
Captain John and AJ
Tom Bielicki of Satin Slipper fame without his 3 pound fluke
Dolphin show from the bow
Joe with Captain John
Mort and Jim
AJ, Tom, Brian, and Andrew
Kevin and Alex our friends from Ontario
Capt. John and the Pellegrinos
Tony - a grown man and his melted gummi bears
Bette and Lisa with Little Angelo
Capt. John and Woody
Molly the Wonder Dog
Capt. John and Chef Jim
Capt. John and Bruce with Flushie Bob
Captain John and Zorro work the parking lot
Jim, Captain John, James Coburn and Prince Valliant
Rob on his new bike
Tom and Jub Jub hard at work
Who is that masked man and what did he do to Zorro

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